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A cork underlayment to mute and insulate rooms
Unique solutions - cork wallpaper
Natural cork is a universal raw material that can be widely used in the household. Its unique benefits were appreciated already in ancient times and it was widely used in the production of bottle stoppers for alcoholic beverages. Anyway, bottle corks are still considered to be the best way to isolate alcohols in vessels. The interest in the properties of cork made it possible to use this material in many areas of life.
Interior decoration
Natural cork is perfect as a decorative material, including in the form of a cork wall, which often replaces wallpaper.
Thermal insulation
Cork cells are an excellent heat insulator, as they have a low conductivity coefficient, which translates into the widespread use of cork in construction, such as expanded cork.
Mute rooms
If we want to achieve the effect of soundproofing a given interior, it is best to use a plug for panels and on the wall, which reduces the noise level.
Economical and ecological
This light and resilient raw material is completely chemically inert, does not adversely affect the environment and is completely biodegradable, unlike traditional thermal insulation materials.

Cork sheet
If you want your room to present a natural and elegant look.
Cork rolls
For the production of natural cork materials, including advertising gadgets and for cork sheets.
Underlay for panels
The product is offered to all those who value convenient solutions. A comfortable way to insulate a room.

Cork pads
Used under hot dishes, with a natural look or with beautiful patterns as a decorative motif.
Cork boards
They are perfect for organizing the day at home and at work. You can hang them on the wall or buy a roll cork to prepare them yourself.
Bottle stoppers
A universal way to tightly seal alcoholic beverages and isolate them from the external environment.
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